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In December we went public with a project that myself, Joe and Zoe have been working on for the past several weeks. Something that myself and Joe have been talking about for around three years now. Recent events locally spurred us on to make the jump to finally making it happen.

We launched Design Exchange Nottingham, a new monthly web design focused meetup aimed at bringing renowed speakers and local speakers together to inspire and excite our community.

We did this for several reasons:

1) The death of the web design community in Nottingham has been greatly exaggerated. Everybody still wants to go to a meetup, everybody still wants to socialise and students still want to reach out to their local heroes. This hasn’t always been possible in 2015 and when it has been it hasn’t been the best quality with some of our better known local talent preferring to stay at home rather than join in on the fun. This isn’t a negative around other efforts, but more to say we felt we there was room for improvement. …


Jamie Huskisson

Head of Client Services and Founder at Magento Ecommerce Agency @wearejh. Co-organiser at web design event @dxnevent and the tech startup event @notttuesday.

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