I love my fat cells

I confirmed with myself that eating lots of food (without drudgery of treadmill) do not make me gain much weight.

Then, I took some supplement for days without realizing it has phytoestrogen. I guess it is good for some women. But, for me who has too much estrogen and men who don’t want to have gynecomastia, it is a poison. My thighs immediately ballooned and some creases (cellulite) are back.

I could be upset. What about all the work I did to get rid of them? But, surprisingly, I wasn’t. I really loved these fats. Even though they were in the wrong place, they looked adorable in mirror and felt soft when I touch them. I felt even grateful to these protons and electrons that decided to settle on my thighs after travelling the universe.

If they decide to leave me and burn themselves to entropy, I will be grateful again [for making me look better in a conventional sense]. But, I will miss them a lot.

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