My ideas are still the ideas…

八月就要结束, 2018 还剩三个月。一开始计划的那些business idea, 都还是个idea,完全被实践到。看来明年的new year resolution又要和今年一样了😢 马云说 “晚上想想千条路,早上起来走原路”,到了现在,想一想还挺对的。我想貌似很多人都有这种问题,至少我希望是 不然我会很难受。

Recently, I was reading the book named 奇特的一生. I not quite sure what’s the English title is, but the story of book is about Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Li︠u︡bishchev, a Russian-Soviet entomologist with his time management method to accomplish many achievement in his life. Basically, he recorded whatever he did for his whole life. I did some reflections after reading the book, and these are some bad habits I have and possibly causing the issue of “Ideas are still the ideas”

  1. Did not sleep on time or earlier
  2. Played too much Dota 2 and Installed many mobile games.
  3. Spend a lots of time on YouTube.
  4. Watch many motivation video, but do nothing.
  5. Did not spend accordingly to budget that set.
  6. Unable to achieve the promised things / planned item.
  7. Changing plan too quick
  8. Didn’t enjoy or focus in work.
  9. Eat Junk Food. because Junk Food taste good
  10. Easily give up during sport.
  11. Easily get distracted by colleagues or internet article during work

这些事情看起来好像和上面的问题没什么关系吧。呃, 其实不然。我总结了一下就发现其实它们是somehow牵连在一起的,貌似那种因果链。

  1. 不早睡或者不在规定的时间内睡觉 有时会导致我睡眠不足。
  2. 睡眠不足当然工作就没办法认真工作
  3. 工作做不好,害怕被骂,有时就会想逃避现实变得无法投入
  4. 工作没办法完成就要熬夜,熬夜肚子饿,就会乱吃东西
  5. 容易累的话,运动健身是就会动不动就想放弃,早点回家
  6. 早点回家,就会发现时间多出来,拿来干嘛呢。拿来dota和YouTube啦
  7. dota越完越爽,停下来时才发现已经在熬夜
  8. 心情就会开始低落😞 就到YouTube 找motivation or How to be bla bla bla…的video来看。
  9. 看了那些video,斗志回来了, 开始plan更过idea
  10. 不同的video会介绍不同的事物,就会弄到一直换idea和plan
  11. 当然,有时YouTube 不会让你那么容易离开,他的recommendation system 太强大了,总会让你想点进去。然后又熬夜了

反正缺点是很多的了 一个一个改是很难得 必须治本。一,缺乏discipline,做事不定心。二,贪心,想知道很多东西,想做很多事,到头来都会什么都不成。

看了很多网上的文章,试过了那些方法,到最后都会放弃 呵呵 我真的想不到有什么方法可以来解决这些问题,好吧 干脆不想了。我现在就想透过medium来记录我每天都在做什么事情,什么都好。你要是觉得我很久没update了,随时打个电话来骂我,提醒我。

我已经不懂要写什么了。第一篇写得有点糟。哈哈 但是懒惰改了就这样吧。想到什么就写什么

Just to show you, my really slow progress. This is what I have planned since beginning of the year after watching the video form Pieter Levels — Turning Side Projects into Profitable Startups.

By the way, I am a software developer. So, I was actually can be like him, building some side project and be cool.

Ok. That’s all for today. This is what it is. Bye