How to Build Your Own Alexa-Enabled Device in 1 Hour

This is a recap of workshop held by Amazon’s Alexa team and Intel’s smart home team. Alexa is probablly the most popular voice kit in the market. I am using Alexa at home and love it. I always curious about its application in healthcare. Maybe in the near future your doctor’s follow up will not be a phone call but through Alexa.

First, how Alexa works? It seem to be quite simple, but the technology behind it is quite completed. Here are slides shared by the Alexa team.

So, what do you need to build your own Alexa enabled device?

  1. Raspberry pi
  2. Power supply for raspberry pi
  3. Earphone
  4. Intel Speech Enabling Developer Kit
  5. A desktop (or a laptop connect with a mouse, you have to use a mouse to control your screen)
  6. Amazon developer account

The steps have been detailed here:

Following the steps strictly and don’t miss any details.

There are some tricky steps I found out in the workshop:

  1. Connect the Intel Speech Enabling Developer Kit: the light should be a circle light. If it’s just one light one, just re-plug it.
  2. When you’re asked about product ID, client ID and Secret, you can go to your Amazon developer console:
  3. Click the manage on your right and you will find your client ID and secret. Copy and paste to your terminal.

After an hour , you have your own Alexa enabled device. Watch what happened when you awake Alexa:

Enjoy your own Alexa!