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She lost a pearl earring, again. The third time.

The first two times, she thought she had lost it, but she found it unexpectedly, once behind a dresser’s leg, and once on the collar of a woolen sweater. This time, she searched every corner of her room, no luck.

She slumped into a couch, sighing with frustration.

Her phone dinged with an instant message from him, “Sorry for what I did to you. Could you forgive me? Give me a chance to make up for it.”

Staring at the emoji heart that followed the text, she tried to…

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Photo by Sponchia from Pixabay

Lack of vocabulary for writing is a roadblock to quality writing. It is frustrating when we cannot effectively elaborate on ideas or express feelings due to limited word choice.

Our vocabulary can be categorized into passive vocabulary and active vocabulary. A passive vocabulary, also known as recognition vocabulary, refers to the words that we can recognize but cannot think of using when we speak or write. An active vocabulary includes the words we can use right away in our communication.

For example, when we need to describe a fast-growing upward trend, we can easily think of words like “increase fast”…

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They entered the aisle of pasta from different sides. He recognized her — it had been almost a year since she left the company where he was her manager. A brief greeting led to a little bit more small talk, while their two shopping carts in-between ensured a 6-feet distance.

“What a pain to stay indoors all day and night! I’m not an indoor person. But the virus now…Oh my goodness! …

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Photo by William Iven from Unsplash

Many of us like to set goals for the new year about career, health, relationship, or finance, but only a small percentage of people achieve their goals. Among all those resolutions, financial resolutions seem to be one of the hardest ones to keep. Here are 7 main reasons why our financial resolutions may be hard to stick.

1. Unrealistic budget plans

A budget is a plan on where your money goes based on your estimated income and spending, which is usually done on a monthly basis. …

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Writer, blogger, and storyteller. Ph.D. in Communication. www.brightspeaking.com/en

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