Chinese Traditional Dancing in 56 Groups

what is Chinese traditional dancing? I can ‘t explain that because we have 56 groups in China, and they speak different languages and have different cultures. So luck I am from the XinJian Where the uygur group people live in. I am a regular Han people which has the most population of the 56 groups. I grow up in Xinjiang and have a lots of friends. Thus, I firstly learned dance is Uygur traditional dancing.

Different Culture and Different Dancing

More people are familiar with regular Han, so they think traditional dancing in China should be the left picture. However, in our country, we have more than 50 groups and they all have their own culture and dance.

Although people are not familiar other groups dancing, they are still so amazing and have the high quality even in the international stage.

I learned Uygur dancing for more than five years. This kind of dancing is so passionate and beautiful. It especially show the women’s curve in the dancing. Also, sometimes it is showed by the man and women and usually the dancing has a lot of people to show it.

For different group they have different clothes and different way to present them by dancing. But most of them are more focus on the emotion rather than skills. The original purpose of these dancing are try to present their emotion by dancing, so they hope more people can engage.

Every group’s dancing are beautiful, I hope more people can try to realize them and bring them out of the China to the world.