[DRAFT] “What Do You Do? For (A) Living?”

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“What Do You Do? For (A) Living?”

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In terms of my usual reading, I’ve had to pare that down so that I don’t feel too influenced with my book creation. I must be a word addict, because my withdrawals bring about a sharp pinching feeling in my side, just a bit. Got’s ta do it.Still writing.

“What Do You Do? For A Living?”

Writers (who seek to become ‘published’ writers?) are supposed to cut to the chase, cut out the excess, say only what is absolutely necessary. Strive for honesty and factuality. Even though, because we are human, even nonfiction is fictional in nature.

Yes, it is: ask the 2 main parties in any given situation and the 1, 2, 10, 20 eyewitnesses in the area “What just happened?”

…and you’ll understand.

It’s part of what makes people so beautiful. We have imagination and comprehension we don’t even acknowledge most of the time.

Your body will tell you, your conscience will tell you, your so-called ennui will give you a heads up: no matter what the work is we choose, in order to calm the soul and still all upset, we have to be working at, on, with something.

Bonus: a child’s vocation is “play.” We don’t ever have to stop doing that.

Now I’d like to ask you…what do you do?

For (a) living?