Refuse to Create a UX Portfolio
Timothy Jaeger

Great idea! But what I concern is that, companies and recruiters still need to find candidates, if everyone ditch the portfolio, how will they identify the right candidates? I was a SDE before, and are changing myself into an UX. When I prepared for coding interview, some people said algorithm testing is stupid, because we would rarely use tricky algorithm in real development, why we still test on algorithm? The answer from me is that, although algorithm can be prepared and cannot reflect the real coding ability of candidates, this is the fastest and safest way for interview. If a candidate can prepare the algorithm well, it, at least, means that this candidate is serious. For the portfolio, it means that this designer is serious to find a UX job. Maybe you can figure out if he is the right candidate in the interview later, but good portfolio deserve an interview, I think.

Just personal thinking :) I’m still preparing my portfolio in order to get an interview.

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