In a cafe in Vermont, an eastern suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, two Aussie guys are having a conversation. They are having their Saturday afternoon caffeine shot in a local bakery cum cafe.

“When you ask them a question, they simply stare you in the eye , stupidly” one guy shares the experience he had with Chinese migrants in Australia.

“You know, they cannot even speak English, they must be stupid or something. I cannot understand why they even bother to come here” his friend replies.

In another part of town, a shop assistant in a Louis Vuitton store approaches…

Opium Wars

The Opium Wars — the poppy that woke a new nation.

The events that led to the two Opium Wars in China had its genesis in Bengal, India.

Who would have known that the poppy flower would cause an end to the 2000-year dynastic rule in China, and it would create a new nation with a new identity that will one day be an economic behemoth?

In the 18th century, Europe’s fascination for tea, silk and porcelain from China created a one-way trade between the two regions in favour of China. The insatiable demand for tea alone by England had severely depleted the British Empire’s stockpile of silver dollars. …

A conversation with God regarding the Trinity.

It’s 4:30am with a warm drink in my hand. I wonder about how the meteorological department can often get the weather so wrong despite their multimillion-dollar computers. The rain is now pouring outside when it is not supposed to rain today.

Mankind has got many things wrong and there are much more they will never able to comprehend.”

Morning God you are early today?

Sleep is created for you. I do not sleep.” (Psalm 121:4)

What you just said is so right. We think we know, but in reality, scientists and theologians are…

Regardless of how knowledgeable we are, we cannot possess exhaustive information on any topic in this physical world. There are indeed so much to learn, and it seems like, the more we amass knowledge, the more we realise how much we do not know.

When it comes to believing in God, this knowledge-gap is even more extensive than the physical world. Evidence-based knowledge can only reach a point after which a bridge is required to believe in the infinite God.

This bridge is called FAITH.

Atheists are faced with just as large a knowledge-gap as a believer.

When it comes…

Chinese labour corp in the western front during WWI

Chinese Labour Corps — the forgotten heroes of WWI

Every design must have a designer

Our existence/survival on earth is designed based on 122 variables that are finely tuned (Scientists call it Anthropic Principle)

Therefore the earth/universe had a Cosmic Designer

These are only 5 of the 122 variables.

The oxygen level.

is PRECISELY at 21% of the atmosphere. Any more we erupt spontaneously, any less we suffocate.

The atmospheric transparency.

is PRECISELY set for an ultimate amount of solar radiation.

The earth-moon gravitation.

is PRECISELY set for a comfortable existence on earth.

The carbon dioxide level.

is PRECISELY set so we can enjoy the benefits of green plants.

The earth’s gravity.

is PRECISELY set and if altered by 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000001% the sun ceases to exist.

Genesis 1:1

It should not be as complicated as it is made out to be.

If only we belief.

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Everything that had a beginning had a cause (Law of Causality)

The universe had a beginning (Law of Thermodynamics)

So the universe had a cause (Law of Deductive Reasoning)

Who was this cause giver?

This cause giver must be an uncaused cause who is outside the universe.

This cause giver must have the authority, power, and purpose to create the universe.

This giver then, has to be a person with feelings and possesses infinite power and is eternal.

So now we have a cause that was created by an eternal person who existed before the universe.

He therefore must be the infinite and all powerful God.

more episodes by Jian Qiu Huang

These 10 words were written 3500 years ago in the book of Genesis.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

I find it hard to believe that:

… our life-supporting universe suddenly pops up from no thing.
… humans come from a cesspool of slime and from this smelly slurry concoction we came into being.
… my early ancestors were no more than a rock.
… one day in the future there could be flying pigs or my dog can evolve into a cat.
… the design of the iPhone has no intelligence behind it. It merely popped into existence and Sir John Ive played no part in it.
… moral rights are subjective to human interpretation based on culture, or ethics. …

Jian Qiu Huang

I type with my fingers which are controlled by my heart. Writer and author of "The Yellow Banana."

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