Obscurity is a concept many of us inhabit and share.

I’m comfortable with mine. I don’t reach a whole lot of people with the things I share and I struggle to find conversation where the excitement for the concepts I want to discuss is equally shared. This is okay.

The hashtag tool exists to allow us to discover and explore content related to our interests. I imagine a hashtag whose name has the power and reach to connect me with the communities who exist to joyfully share and explore the obscure concepts I come across in my personal exploration.

I imagine there are many, like me, who exist disconnected from those communities. Unable to locate them, we find ourselves lacking the reach or vision. A boat in the mist without a fog horn. Solar systems separated by vast voids.

I do have to be careful here. I do not seek an echo chamber of stagnation and cognitive bias. The challenge to relate and equally elevate the experiences of ourselves and those around us is human.

There are times when I arrive late to the party. A new relationship where the other person has come and gone from the concept I’d like to discuss. I’m careful to listen to the after taste of their experience. Sometimes I find ambivalence; a leftover disappointment akin to a hyped film who fell short. Other times umbrage; a past partnership torn apart by betrayal. The wound still in adolescence. Oftentimes, you are Ippo Makunouchi upon first meeting Mamoru Takamura. A lost newcomer bumping into a savvy veteran with little time to spare for those who cannot grasp their dreams through their own effort. If you’re unfamiliar with the reference, I highly recommend you begin the path to familiarity.

Over the years, the works I’ve come to hold most dear both fulfill and unsettle me. There is all at once a feeling of communion with someone who deeply understands and loves the concepts I do but a sorrowful void between us akin to looking up into the night sky. Their light travels unbound distances to reach me by written word, beautiful sound, and visceral film; yet my questions and thoughts may never reach them. I’ve grown to understand what I create and add to this human story is the best I can do to give back and pay respect to all they have given.