MAFBEX 10th Manila Foods and Beverages Expo

As a shiftee student from SDA, I was amazed in the event of SHRIM students in Mafbex located at the World Trade Center. It was my first time to experienced and attended an expo that was all about food and beverages. I was surprised in this one event called meat cookery (Interschool) and cake decorating (SHRIM) where from different schools are gathered and had to showcase their talents in cooking, baking, designing, plating and more. There is a criteria for grading each group of competitors. They are given specific time to finish and finalized their product which is decorating cakes and cooking of meat. Sadly, I didn’t have the chance to watch and wait for the winners. It so happened I had a next class to attend and midterms to take. But I saw the pictures on facebook of their different final products and the results were great. I am so proud of all the competitors who participated in the Mafbex 10th Manila Food and Beverages Expo because they did not just participate to win but they participated to show their passion and 100% commitment to what they do.

From that event, I learned that winning or losing is not important, it is a lesson for everyone and choice whether you want to give up or keep looking forward.