Why don’t just set key learning points instead of number of books to read in a year?

I really enjoy reading medium, especially all the recommendation reading websites and books by writers and readers. Nevertheless, setting a goal of reading # of books in a year just does not work on me.

I tried to achieve, yet, perhaps I am beginner reader, I could not absorb most of the book’s information. Especially some important points which I tend to ponder myself to re-think again and again until I truly understand it. That seems to be my personal behaviour.

It’s been 3 years since I started to read books. I admit that I could not finish 10 books within a year. Hence, I start to figure out the best way for me to achieve my goal: Setting 3 key learning points instead of giving myself a goal of # of books to read in a year.

All of us know, every book that we read, we could only take away with 10% of the information in it. Reading is a process, not outcomes that we will become someone successful in the future. Reading could be a kind of meditation, to calm ourselves down with deep ponder, delve ourselves into the world of the writer.

Should we consider ourselves good enough if we are able to have 3 key learning points in each book? I do believe so. At least it works for me.

“What’s the 3 key learning I learn from this book?” — I asked myself

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