What if we add a Polite voting feature in Netflix?

UX/UI challenge — Add a feature

I create a new feature in NetFlix called “Netflix projects”


This is a 5 days challenge for me to learn about how to find a way to incorporate new features into the existing platform base on a “shareholder’s” proposal. In my case, my task is to add a polite voting feature into the Netflix app.


Analyze the Netflix app and culminate in a high- fidelity prototype that reflects my best path base on research, iteration and test.


According to “pilot voting feature” my research divided into 3 parts. One is users(film creators) can upload “shorts” to Netflix, another one is the users( Netflix users) can vote to each pilot, 3d one is Netflix need to response and control all the contents.

Questions for my research

“How do creators upload pilot into Netflix?” “What kind of content they need to upload?”. With these 2 questions, I did market research. I found a website called Kickstrater. It’s a global crowdfunding platform focused on creativity. Users who back Kickstrater projects are offered tangible rewards or experience in exchange for their pledge. The process for creators: Preparation(contents)-Building campaign (funding & rewards) - Managing(project update)- Post campaign life(receiving funs & producing & fulfilling rewards).

Research findings:

“What kind of content they need to upload?”

“How do creators upload pilot into Netflix?”

In Netflix Profiles, you can add more profiles

“How user vote?”

I did an online survey. 26.3% of users are interested in a pilot voting feature for Netflix. So I decide not to put this new feature into the main page for better usability & consistency.

“How user see the progress after they vote”

From my research, I found out even only 26.3% of the user is interested in a pilot voting feature but almost all user want to see the progress after they vote. So I need to add a section as “ vote by you” for better user experience.

Netflix needs to check all the information after the creator uploads their project. To make sure it follows Netflix rules and guidelines. So after the creator uploads their project, Netflix needs to check and then publish.


Solution for upload pilot
User flow for creates( upload pilot)
Hi-fi for Creator upload their Basic information
Hi-fi for the creators' upload process
Hi-fi for creator upload their Stories and team members
Preview & Submit
User Flow (view projects & vote)
Hi-fi for users to view all project and vote

Prototype video

The prototype includes 2 user flow( upload & vote)

Learning & Next step

From user test, my next step is to change the after vote button from red to white for more consistency. Test with “real” users both with Netflix user and also with Creators.

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