Case Study for Editorial Design


I worked with Albert Shaper to design a responsive online platform for a magazine, newspaper, or blog directed to meet the needs and goals of the presented User Persona. This project is visual-design-focused but we all know better research better products. …

Website for “ Festival der Riesendrachen”

Festival der Risendrachen


This project is about to design a website for “Festival der Riesendrachen”. This festival happens every September in Berlin Tempelhofer Feld. It has no website but only a few posts in the U-Bahn station & newspaper. …

How to solve a wicked problem by using Design Thinking

Photo by Merakist on Unsplash

This is a team project/challenge, I teamed up with Amada, Dustin and Ipek. The goal is to adopt the Design Thinking process to solve one of the wicked problems in 4 days.

We chose “Conscious Information Consumption” as our wicked problem because is related to almost everyone with a modern…

Freeman Games

“Think global, act locally.”

Project -Local business


I team up with Tobias Nusser, Moritz Ramm and Magdalena Panas. We’ll be designing an E-Commerce website for a local business in 5 days. Our goal is to help local shops improve their online presence to be more competitive in the market.

Our project…

UX/UI challenge — Add a feature

I create a new feature in NetFlix called “Netflix projects”


This is a 5 days challenge for me to learn about how to find a way to incorporate new features into the existing platform base on a “shareholder’s” proposal. …

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

In the Challenge I did 3 apps Usability evaluation and Site redesign, my goal is to design an app for travelers.

User type

Young group — 20–40 y/o

You and your friends have decided to invest and spend some quality time together. You are planning your trip one year in advance to…

Start applying the Design Principles to your daily routine

“Design principles are fundamental pieces of advice for you to make easy-to-use, pleasurable designs”

So what I understand is: what makes good design good. So the first thing get in to my head is good Usability. The ISO 9421–11 standard on usability “ The extent to which a product can…

How I did Wireframe

The 2d Challenge of my pre-work in Ironhack is to pick an app and choose a user flow of 5–7 screens, then wireframe the screens and put together a prototype using Invision.

For this challenge I picked BlaBlaCar. BlaBlaCar is a French online marketplace for carpooling.Its…

Here is my first sketchnote. I watched Ted talk from Ivan Poupyreu about “Everything around us can be a computer”.

Practice UI design with Sketch. My 1st Sketching!

Cause in these days I’m looking for a pair of skateboard shoes, that why I decide to pick Nike app. I took 5 screenshots from Nike app import them into sketch and start mimicking.

screenshots from Nike app

Jiao Wang

UX/UI designer base in Berlin //

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