6 Chinese Fashion Designers You Should Know

With the met Gala is coming, some medium reported some related news about that Rihanna wore the yellow gown which was from a Chinese designer Guo Pei at the Met Gala in 2015, and its theme was “China: Through the Looking Glass”. These make me think that China is not the stereotype as “mass-produced and low-quality products and clothing”. Now many young designers are coming to the fore. Let’s take a closer look at some Chinese fashion designers you should know.


SHUSHU/TONG was created by a 90s couple (Liushu Lei & Yutong Jiang) in 2014. They graduated from London College of Fashion. Their design combines modern independent personality and sweet girl feeling together, interesting and recognizable. You will feel amazing at a glance.

2016 S/S
207 S/S


Lv Yan is one of the earliest Chinese super models who were approved by the international fashion industry, but most of Chinese started to like her is because she created her brand COMIME MOI in 2013. COMIME MOI has a very good quality and aims at young and confident, independent urban ladies of great personality. The design have two main styles: smart casual and easy chic. Many Chinese celebrities like her design, and Karlie Kloss wore COMIME MOI’s white dress to attend Vogue China’s 10th Anniversary.

2017 S/S
Karlie Kloss in Comme Moi


Cheng Peng created his own brand “CHENG PENG” in London in 2015, and he presented his design at London Fashion Week at the same year. He was a makeup artist for 7 years. He though no matter fat or thin, beautiful or ugly, Personality is the most important. His concept of design is “One-size Fashion”, which means there only one size of his design and every one can fit his design.Rihanna wore a pink down jacket from CHENG PENG, and many magazines featured his design.

CHENG PENG design featured on magazines


Xu Zhi started his own studio in London and launched his same name brand after graduating from Central St Martin’s College in 2014. In 2015, he successful shortlisted semi-finals of H&M Design Award and he shortlisted LVMH Award again in March 2016. Xu Zhi’s fabrics are very fastidious, and all of them are hand-made. Because of the special new fabrics, every time when you dress his clothes or a unexpected ripping into the clothes just like a new innovation to the design and will make the clothes more unique. He held two shows in 2017, one was in Shanghai and the other one was in Milan which was sponsored by Armani.

Angel Chen

This 90s girl created her brand in 2014. Her graduation collection “ Les Noces” in Central St Martin’s College shocked the fashion world in Britain. Vogue, I-D and other magazines presented her design at that time and commended it was the top 5 graduation design. Her design has a bold personality and uses many Chinese characters slogans. Angel Chen knows that a sense of rebellion fits for many fashionable person.

Slogan on clothes
Graduation design “Les Noces Wedding”
2017 A/W


Liu Hao is the founder of Ms MIN which is established in 2010. Rosamund Pike wore Ms MIN 2015 F/W collection in movie “Gone Girl”. Ms MIN’s 2017 S/S collection uses many satin fabrics and embroidery on it. Chinese traditional totem are designed by Liu Hao and modern. Ms MIN started from its online shop on Taobao, and now it is sold in Lane Crawford. The designer, Liu Hao was invited to attend to Met Gala in 2014. Ms MIN launched its limited makeup collaboration with M.A.C in this month.

Rosamund Pike
2017 S/S
2017 S/S
Collaboration with M.A.C