Web 3.0 Biweekly I (9 Dec 2019–22 Dec 2019)

With the continuous development from various teams in blockchain space, e.g., Parity and Web3 Foundation, we’re on a fast track towards Web 3.0.

To keep track of all the progress, from 9 Dec 2019 on, I’ll start to curate the latest Web3.0 information and publish a biweekly briefing.

Web 3.0 Biweekly I (9 Dec 2019–22 Dec 2019)

  1. SEC proposes to update accredited investor definition to increase access to investments.
  2. Joint statement by the Council and the Commission on “stablecoins”: No global “stablecoin” arrangement should begin operation in the European Union until the legal, regulatory and oversight challenges and risks have been adequately identified and addressed.
  3. a16z Crypto Startup School: learn how to build blockchain projects from top entrepreneurs and thinkers, e.g., Chris (GP@ Andreessen Horowitz), Jutta (CEO@Parity) and Brian(CEO@Coinbase).
  4. The Web3 Stack 2019 Edition.
  5. Hold Tight, Here Come the Blockchain Wars: There’s no low-hanging fruit for projects and investments in blockchain space anymore.
  6. Substrate Builders Program: offer builders technical/BD/marketing/funding/media support.
  7. A Deep Dive Analysis of Cyberspace Economies: Three eras of blockchain design space innovation: Protocols (2009–2013), Smart Contracts (2014–2019) & Interoperability (>2020).
  8. Substrate Playground: Start to build substrate runtime modules online.
  9. An overview of Kusama network.
  10. Kusama Upgrade (1031): Increase the minimum treasury bond, enhance id module, etc.
  11. Kusama’s remarkable treasures.
  12. Reflection on Polkadot 2019 of Web3 Foundation: from the Research and Communications to Infrastructure and Community & Growth.
  13. Federal office for information Security (BSI) of Germany published a report titled “Towards Secure Blockchains”.
  14. An annual report on Ethereum ecosystem and Web3 stack.
  15. Unlock an ads-free Forbes: Forbes introduced their first membership to unlock an ads free experience using blockchain technology.
  16. Polymath will build Polymesh using Substrate, a blockchain optimized for regulated securities and open finance.
  17. Parity Ethereum v2.5.12-stable and v2.6.7-beta: add Istanbul hardfork block numbers for POA and xDai networks, implement ECIP-1056 and implements EIP-2384/2387.

The path to Web 3.0 twists and turns, may our persistence pay off. — Yaoqi

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This disclaimer informs readers that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the author’s employer, organization, committee or other group or individual.

Head of Engineering, Asia@Parity; Co-founder&@Zilliqa; Forbes 30 Under 30; Build a secure and privacy-preserving Web 3.0.

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