Substrate Delivery Partners. Delivery partner teams will provide their expertise to deliver blockchain solutions based on Parity’s Substrate blockchain framework. They are provided with training and technical help directly from the Parity team. This equips them with all the knowledge needed to build Substrate solutions.

Polkadot lightpaper. It includes more information on Heterogeneous Sharding, Transparent Governance, Cross-Chain Composability, etc.

Sub0 Online: the Substrate developer community conference on 28 April, 2020.

Centrifuge team is building Centrifuge chain on Substrate with zero-knowledge verifiers, non-fungible tokens and a financial supply chain network that can scale. …

Web3 Foundation is launching Web3MOOC: Web3 Foundation’s “Blockchain for Beginners” course on April 8 — a completely free course that teaches blockchain from the very basics all the way up to building your own blockchain.

Web3 Foundation Grants Program has reached the milestone of 100 signed grant contracts from 250 total applications throughout 2019. In the latest Wave 5, receipts are building bridges from Substrate to other networks, deployment & monitoring tools, developer tooling, wallets and new runtime modules, smart contracts & improvements.

The Polkadot Tech Stack is a subset of the Web 3.0 Tech Stack, which consists of the…

Web3 Foundation joined the Cross-Chain Group as an initial steering committee member. “Cross-Chain Group (CCG) is a developer-focused working group dedicated to furthering the research, design, and implementation of cross-chain architecture throughout the blockchain ecosystem. As part of its involvement, Web3 Foundation will help oversee strategy for CCG initiatives.”

Web 3.0 Bootcamp: In addition to tech guidance from Parity/W3F, Web 3.0 Bootcamp also provides opportunities to access Wanxiang Blockchain Lab’s extensive suite of enterprise portfolios and partners in automobile, supply chain finance, etc, as well as investor network in China.

1st wave of Substrate Builders Program participants: “The Substrate Builders…

Chainlink is set to become the first and primary oracle provider for all Substrate-based chains and eventually the entire Polkadot network. It has completed an initial integration with a Substrate-based blockchain.

ChainSafe is building Gossamer to provide Go framework for Substrate/Polkadot. Gossamer can create more secure networks by building additional Polkadot & Kusama node implementations and allow others to do the same for blockchains built with Substrate.

Celer Network will build its advanced State Channel Network technology on Polkadot, enabling nearly instantaneous, low-cost and trust-free transactions for Substrate-based chains.

Second State is building extensions to its WebAssembly virtual machine on…

  1. Web 3.0 Bootcamp. Web3 Foundation teamed up with Parity, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and New Chainbase to launch Web 3.0 Bootcamp, a joint venture to accelerate Substrate blockchain projects in China and put them on the fast track to global adoption & viability. Web3.0 Bootcamp takes place over six months in two phases: a three-month acceleration phase followed by a three-month PoC phase. During the acceleration phase, Parity Asia will enhance teams’ expertise in Substrate architecture, parachain/parathread knowledge and architecture, product design, fundraising techniques, China and global legal compliance, and ecosystem development, as well as provide local talent bank access via…

  1. W3F’s Open Grants Program. Allocating resources to projects that are beneficial to advancing Polkadot. The program focuses on technology grants up to $30k, which are tracked transparently on GitHub & disbursed in bitcoin.
  2. Centrifuge is building Centrifuge Chain on Parity Substrate. This set of libraries, modules, and technologies allows us to reuse other’s blockchain-building-blocks and focus on the Centrifuge specific chain logic.
  3. Discussion on future of the web: “Our devices will contain our user accounts, I would hope they will eventually contain our data as well, encrypted on the device or in the cloud. …

  1. The Web3 Foundation Research team has outlined the functionality of Cross-Chain Message Passing (XCMP). It has various properties: Trustlessness: Since the same set of validators secure one parachain as another while they also guarantee correct message passing, XCMP requires no more trust than a single blockchain would.
    Consistency: The messages received were exactly those sent, even despite any chain reorgs.
    Availability: Polkadot guarantees that the messages will not be lost and are kept available.
    Efficiency: The protocol avoids too much bandwidth overhead and allows messages to arrive as quickly as possible.
  2. What Is Web 3.0 & Why It Matters from…

  1. Polkadot 2019: Year in review. The Polkadot project has over 300,000 lines of code, with 121 contributors and around 3,000 individual contributions. The Kusama network (KSM), as an early version of Polkadot, launched successfully as planned. More well-known projects including Mediledger Network, Polymath, Shift Project, and, start to migrate their present systems to Substrate or support the ecosystem of Polkadot. Numerous grand events including Web3 Summit, Sub0, Sub0.1, and Web3 Foundation ETHCC happened around the world to grow the community. Substrate 2.0 is launching, with numerous plug-and-play modules for on-chain governance. …

With the continuous development from various teams in blockchain space, e.g., Parity and Web3 Foundation, we’re on a fast track towards Web 3.0.

To keep track of all the progress, from 9 Dec 2019 on, I’ll start to curate the latest Web3.0 information and publish a biweekly briefing.

Web 3.0 Biweekly I (9 Dec 2019–22 Dec 2019)

  1. Parity Ethereum will be transitioned to OpenEthereum with DAO ownership & maintainer model.
  2. SEC proposes to update accredited investor definition to increase access to investments.
  3. Joint statement by the Council and the Commission on “stablecoins”: No global “stablecoin” arrangement should begin operation in the European Union until the legal, regulatory and oversight…

The Zilliqa team is committed to building a secure, scalable and decentralized blockchain platform. Over the past few weeks, we have been making several enhancements to our protocol as presented in our whitepaper (released back in August 2017). For instance, we have merged the two PoWs (as outlined in the whitepaper) into a single PoW (more details to follow in this post). We have also replaced raw transaction data sharing with state-change sharing.

In light of the enhancements, we have made lately, the team had extensive discussions to review our mainnet timeline. We have come to the conclusion that we…

Yaoqi Jia

Head of Engineering, Asia@Parity; Co-founder&@Zilliqa; Forbes 30 Under 30; Build a secure and privacy-preserving Web 3.0.

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