The Only Email That I Opened

Whittard of Chelsea” the sender name listed in my email inbox which contains 18525 emails marked unread is not really an eye catching name for people like me who don’t drink tea in daily routine. However the subject line “ You designed. We delivered” really stands out from millions of coupon discount emails sent from all over the market. As I see the subject line, it gets me think about what am I able to design. Clothes? Accessories?

Which Email Would You Click?

I opened the email and it turns out to be tea company which sells coffee, tea and various items that are used for the consumption of hot drinks. I don’t even remember when I shopped at this store and give them my email address. The clean laying of the email page which contains a image of flower, hot chocolate, cake started to pick up my interest. I want that. And I clicked the website linkage.

Image Contained in the Email

And I looked up the website, I love the simple and clean layout of its landing page. Everything is elegant and sweet, match the theme of tea culture. The only suggestions I have for Whittard of Chelsea is THERE IS NO COOKIE. Personally, when I drink, I would prefer have some sweets or desserts to accompany with. I wish them sell some cookie and I definitely would buy some.

landing page of Whittard of Chelsea

Overall, do consumers really care about how much discount they receive or how cheap the product is priced? The answer is no. Instead, Consumer appreciate fair price. Product priced fairly would most likely to be popular among the market, not the cheapest one or the most expensive one. Therefore, when retailer send out email campaign message, subject line stated as discount coupons may not attract consumers to open the email. It is the experience, the value that people chase for.

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