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The pandemic has changed my social life entirely.

It has been half a year since the Lockdown in the Bay Area and I’ve never been spending such a long time at home. At the same time, I was suggested to avoid unnecessary outside activities, keep a social distance with others and wear a mask wherever I go. Even for Wasabi (a high-energy boy of my roommates), he was forced to stay away from his kind when we walked him outside, which makes both him and I feel cruel and upset.

6月份从美东毕业搬到加州,到现在找工作经历快4个月还没上岸,打算开个帖子记录一下自己在这个hard time时期的心得体会,可以是很emotional的也可以是很pragmatic的,想着自己之后回顾的时候用到,如果能帮到其他人也算是给自己积攒运气😂



Medium: medium上面精彩绝伦的各类文章太多了(我主要是关注设计,数据可视化和个人发展),建议买个会员设置一下阅读偏好,每天的文章推荐算法还是很精准的,这样慢慢积累能发现更多好的作者好的内容。还有一个Bonus就是很多作者愿意connect on social media or LinkedIn,这样可以进一步follow-up



NNg: U …


Yilin Jia

I find problems, design solutions and empathize with people | a hybrid UX/Product/VUI Designer

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