At this time, I’m currently in the last weeks of my senior thesis. This reconfiguration of the project has me reflecting on my last four years here at Boston University. What is community? How can you cultivate community in an authentic way when there’s so much pressure on “leveraging your network and your community”.

For this project, I had a really hard time finalizing what community means to me in a time of immense change. I started thinking a lot about what space, time, and location add and detract from a sense of community. I thought about this project within the context of my senior thesis. …

For this project, I worked with a poem from Gertrude Stein’s A Piece of Coffee. I was really interested in the juxtaposition of dark and white and the use of multiples within the poem, and I wanted to bring that into the visual representation of the poem. With that in mind, for the visual interpretation of the poem, I wanted to work with the grid, multiples, and contrast.

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After my initial plan, in my Senior Thesis class, we had a guest critic from RISD who mentioned that at RISD, they encourage their thesis students to think about the kind of job they want after graduation, and what kind of medium they’re interested of working with. He also mentioned that they are pushed to incorporate a medium they haven’t worked with but they see is missing from their portfolio. After this conversation, I was really interested in working with motion tracking as a medium to include motion work in my portfolio and my toolkit. …

For this project, I definitely struggled with AfterEffects, editing, and motion graphics as a whole. I approached this project with low expectations, but I had a really fun time collecting footage and editing. I wasn’t sure where to start, so I started by filming everything. I started filming everything that gave me a feeling of reflection, like windows, waxed floors, makeup wipes, footsteps.

I also came across roadblocks like, how do you film mirrors so they look like mirrors and not windows? How can I film reflection without making a 30-second video of myself? I had many questions throughout this process. I did a lot of research about how movies film mirror scenes, with some interesting answers like a fake mirror, created out of a windowpane, with a body double mirroring the real actor. …

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