Please read this before throwing stones at me

Photo by Isaque Pereira from Pexels

Image taken from Pixabay

“… and that is why we have decided to close down the marketing department”

Ever had the feeling where you foresee something happening and it happens? …

Use a marketer’s approach to score more freelance gigs or a new role

Photo by TeroVesalainen on Pixabay

And why you should consider leaving the industry too

Image taken from pixabay

Taken from pixabay
Taken from pixabay

Contrary to popular belief, its not all doom and gloom

Why and how you can keep your privacy in this digital age

How a retail investor can still profit in this bear market

This includes even the biggest exchanges

  • Even with a saturated market…

Jia Yung Lee

Be The Alpha In Marketing Your Tech-

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