One stop remedy for clinical Psychological problems : Moner Alo

Even though referred to quite often, Depression has a deeper meaning and is a serious psychiatric disorder.

Depression can be triggered by life-altering traumatic events, hereditary reason and because of biological and chemical changes in the brain and hormonal changes in the body. Other causes behind it can be alcohol/drug withdrawal or abuse, medications and medical problems.

At Moner Alo, we take pride in having a successful track record of providing counseling and treatment to people going through depression with different severity levels. Combining counseling, psychotherapy and medication, we have provided long-term relief to people experiencing recurring depressive episodes.

We have an exclusive panel of experienced doctors and therapists at our center at Barasat to help people suffering from depression. They identify the underlying problem and target to resolve depression. Their evidence based techniques help in breaking the negative thought patterns and rising above the vicious condition.

Our counselors advise to take the best measure as per the complexity of your case. They also guide the patients how to lead a normal life once their therapy is completed.

With our expert team of counselors by your side, you can rest assured about getting quick riddance from the trap of depression.

It is not impossible to treat depression. Seek early intervention with us to get a treatment for the problem quickly. If you are looking for best depression counseling in Eastern India, then contact Moner Alo