The one great thing of Design Sprints is that it forces user research and product development into…
Leonardo Lanzinger

Hey Leo, thanks for the question.

Actually most of our projects run over many months as we’re involved from beginning to end usually. We don’t run sprints with the same client every week as this would burn them out, rather we look at doing 2 back-to-back sprints every quarter to work on new features or to start a new product from scratch.

SO to answer your question: The results we collect each week are immediately implemented into the prototype and tested again until we are sure we are going in the right direction, this prototype is then polished and sent to development while we begin work on something else. We try not to create documents, rather we just publish everything the team is doing on something like Basecamp or Asana so that IF NEEDED, the team can refer to the results of the tests any time.

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