UCD Charrette

HCDE 210 Process Blog #1

We did user-centered design charrette during the studio, which is an intense period of design activity that puts use’s needs and limitations in the highest priority. We first brainstormed ideas of different types of users and the vehicles they tend to drive. After consolidating different users, our group chose delivery man as our targeted group.

Brainstorming ideas about the smart vehicle interface

After collaborating our ideas about the smart vehicle interface for delivery man, we decide to make a scenario that Domino’s pizza wanted to deliver a pizza to the clients and the fuel was low so he wanted to stop by a gas station. After this, we also sketch out interaction flow about how the process tree would be and the actual user interface screens.

Drawing a scenario about how the interface influences the delivery process in team work

Finally, after we have done all the works, we present our user interface screens in six steps. I introduced our users and their needs. And I explained the first two steps, which are scanning the bar-code and pressing the fuel button, before rest of my team finished it up.

Presenting our ideas and explain how can user navigate through it.

During the design, we did confront some challenges. One is how we are supposed to know what the delivery man really want. Gathering information about your users is definitely important to fulfill and satisfy their needs. We only designed three button on the bottom as GPS to the gas station, call the headquarter for consulting issues, and emergency call to 911. Maybe there are many other things they want to have there or there is something else that they may think more critical than those three and we don’t know that.

I really like the activity as it helps me understand how to play a good role in a team. We need to share our thoughts and ideas to improve our project together. And it gives us a taste of how design should be and what is some process of designing. Furthermore, this activity also help me realize how many things we need to take care when we are targeting certain group as our users.

I think this activity will happen very often in the future, because charrette is a really good way to start off different ideas of a certain project you want to do and extend your point of thinking about certain things. It creates the general prototype that you may want to use when you enter the later stage. Any design project may want to lend on this as this is a great way to start. For example, we want to design a app that student can use for checking for the nearby market place and we can use this method.

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