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i like the article but you miss a point the messenger is not good enough..centre left parties need a charismatic communicator to win ? with all due respect mr corbyn isnt that at all…look at the list…clinton,blair,barack obama,alexis tspiras,podemos and more recently justin trudeau in canada, compare them all to corbyn? the difference is clear they are all charismatic communicators bcos the media is hostile to centre left leaders the leader has to be an effective charismatic communicator to get a hearing its just the reality of the times thats why tony blair always said that a labour leader has to govern from the centre while a tory can govern from the right ..we have just had one in david cameron a right winger to the core and yet the media left him alone thats why blair had that strategy i dont think hes right wing at all but he had to find a way for those times to win.i think even if corbyn wins again (most likely ) hes done and cant win a general election .i think the next leader who will win for labour will be in 2025 tony blair was acceptable and you cant have all the media against you even the guardian and think you will win… i think that the united kingdom is not a socialist country anymore so what we fight for is what form of capitalism but we need a charismatic communicator with broad appeal who can win thats what barack obama is and even for him its been tough i think someone like tristam hunt chuka umunna lisa nandy could get a hearing from the public and win truth is people look at corbyn and just dont take him seriously and thats the truth..sadly we live in an image driven world and we just have to use it… way he will ever be PM! GREAT ARTICLE

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