Application of Hollow Glass Microspheres in explosive

At present, the density adjusting agent is more commonly used for emulsion explosive chemical foaming agents and expanded perlite, the shortcomings of the former is the explosive density is difficult to control storage period is short, and there is a residual; The latter’s disadvantage is vulnerability of explosives and its particle size, strength and resistance properties of limits, performance is low, short storage period. Application of Hollow glass microspheres in emulsion explosive to overcome these shortcomings, greatly improved the bombing of an explosive performance and significantly improve storage stability. Its main feature is the use of Hollow glass microspheres of sensitization. Hollow glass microspheres with a low density, low thermal conductivity, the end of oil absorption rate, particle size and chemical composition of oil and other advantages, thus very suitable for emulsion explosives sensitized agent. Hollow glass microspheres has low consumption can significantly improve performance. Improve storage stability characteristics.

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Nanjing Jianzun Glass Microsphere Plant Co.,Ltd was established in 2000,located in Jiangsu province, specializing in the production of all kinds of glass microspheres, also called Glass Beads or Glass Microbeads, solid glass microspheres, hollow glass microspheres which is widely used in paint, plastics, artificial marble, synthetic foam board and explosive and so on.

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