Calcium carbide furnace process

The formulas for Calcium carbide is CaC2, chemically pure Calcium carbide is almost colorless, transparent, very pure Calcium carbide is sky blue crystal and quenching steel are the same colour. Industrial Calcium carbide ingredient is Calcium carbide into the free calcium oxide, carbon and silicon, magnesium, iron, aluminum compounds and a small amount of phosphide and sulfide. Industrial Calcium carbide is about 70% — 70% purity, appearance with Calcium carbide content of different gray, brown, purple or black and solids. With high Calcium carbide is purple. The new section of luster, absorb the moisture in the air is gray or gray. Chemical properties of Calcium carbide is very lively. Encounter water heated to produce acetylene gas and calcium hydroxide, and release a lot of heat.

Qualified lime, coke into bin ingredients stand, set according to the ratio of the vibrating feeder into the weighing hopper respectively, according to the hopper limit, according to the order, the vibrating feeder, belt conveyor blend into the ring of bunker, lime, coke under the condition of high temperature reaction liquid Calcium carbide, depend on the weight of the mixture material tube continuous into around the electrodes in the furnace.

Calcium carbide furnace smelting good liquid discharge regularly, the material flow nozzle flow from the car the Calcium carbide on the pot. Use tractors to pull into the cooling room, the 5 tons crane crane under cooling, empty pot pour out, by the hoist back to the front to the furnace.

Calcium carbide furnace gas by the trachea to charging gas purification system, after dedusting cooling temperature of 220 ~ 220 ℃, dustiness below 50 ㎎ / m3. Demineralized water circulating cooling water of Calcium carbide furnace, the circulating water return pipe and heat sink, the heat pump to heat sink in the hot water pump to the cooling tower and cooling after cold water into the pond, and then through the cold water pump will be cold to the Calcium carbide furnace of the water in the pool.

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