Production of Thiocarbohydrazide

Thiocarbohydrazide is an important intermediate for organic synthesis, heterocyclic pharmaceuticals, pesticides in the synthesis of a wide range of uses, while some of its metal derivatives also has great application value.The synthesis of several, but now is usually used with hydrazine hydrate and carbon disulfide as the raw materials, via two-stage reaction system. From sources of raw materials and process conditions, this is a reasonable route, carbon disulfide reacts with hydrazine hydrate at lower temperatures, first build disulfide daijingji Formate Wijdenbosch (HDTC), and then by pyrolysis, releasing hydrogen sulfide gases, liquid cooled and filtered to get solid Thiocarbohydrazide. But this method yields are generally lower than 70%, such as improper temperature control, overreact, it is difficult to control Thiocarbohydrazide yields will be lower, and very unsafe, there are currently about manufacturers still use this route. Later, some foreign reports about the improvement of research, found that excessive amounts of hydrazine, catalyst mercaptoethanol Thiocarbohydrazide can improve the yield. But the above methods have the reaction time is too long and mercaptoethanol expensive catalyst, source of difficult problems.

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