The Characters of High Strength and High Modulus PVA Fiber

High strength and high modulus PVA fiber is one of the important varieties of synthetic fiber, it in light industry, agriculture, fishing, medicine and other fields have a wide range of applications. Clothing with PVA fiber dyeing, flexibility and are poor water resistance, easy to fold. Therefore, since the 1970 s, PVA fiber gradually from clothes to industry and agriculture, fisheries and medicine, industry and increasing the proportion of the functional fiber. Development and application of High strength and high modulus PVA fiber is one of the main trend of PVA and its fiber industry development.

With its excellent physical and chemical properties, High strength and high modulus PVA fiber has broad application prospects in many aspects.

Before used for rubber reinforcing material or the main foot high strength polyester tyre cord, but because of the limitation of polyester molecular structure with rubber adhesive problem never can get very good solve, and mouth glue method is complex, the effect also is not very good. There are a large number of hydroxyl in the molecular structure of the PVA fiber, with rubber compound has good adhesion and, therefore, is expected as a substitute for high-strength polyester fiber and used as rubber reinforcing material. PVA fiber heat resistance is not very good, but not so big tyre cord can be used to heat.