The Development of Sulfolane

sulfolane is a colorless, odorless solid at room temperature, industrial products for light yellow liquid, solubility is strong, selective effect of polar solvent. It can be water in any ratio soluble, soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons and alcohols, instead of paraffin and olefin dissolved is very small and high stability to heat, acid, alkali. sulfolane is widely used by oil refineries and two major areas of chemical industry. Oil refining industry is mainly distributed in PetroChina and Sinopec, two major group within the sulfolane oil refining industry is primarily aromatics extraction solvent sulfolane method compared to other aromatic extraction technology, operational conditions to ease, low energy consumption, high yield, less solvent consumption and so on. At present, large scale construction of almost all priority of aromatics extraction unit using this method. China has introduced several sets of sulfolane extraction unit of fafang hydrocarbon, China has been able to design and have developed the technology. Following application areas for further development: and amine solvent sulfolane tie can be used for gas cleaning, removal of acidic components in natural gas, hydrogen and synthesis gas, its performance is excellent, and developed rapidly in recent years; sulfolane extraction separation of multiple organic mixtures, polymers, sulfolane solvent with low viscosity, high thermal stability and excellent properties such as toxic; For materials such as nylon, cellulose, cellulose ether, sulfolane plasticization, improving their flexibility and extensibility, conducive to the production of hollow-fiber membrane device; Believe that as sulfolane applications to further expand, sulfolane is more optimistic about market prospects.

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