That specific quote the mostly, but most of the article really… I mean you’re showcasing you…
⚛️ Boltzmann Brain

The main idea of the article could just as well have been explained using much fewer and simpler concepts.

Yeah that’s absolutely true. This was written as a stream of consciousness and wasn’t compressed down the core point. I’m actually quite surprised it got so much traction, especially compared to my more thought out posts. Attention economy indeed. Drop some trigger words like “gentrification” and everyone comes flocking.

I do take offense at the implication of malicious or selfish intent though. If it’s easy to write a shorter post, I challenge you to do so. Feel free to write a synopsis for this piece that captures the same ideas.

The point of this post and arguably all good writing is to provide people with fodder for more ideas. If someone’s only concept of writing is to prove a thesis statement, that person probably never hit escape velocity on 8th grade English class. My hope is that people are curious enough to follow the fodder that I drop like “Hebbian plasticity” and “log curve of income utility.” These are real concepts that have, I believe, real connection to what I’m talking about. I chose to be pithy to not bore people with a glut of details right in the middle of a thought.

I’m not sure “a ton of complicated math” is in any way superior to “a bunch of words” here. Ideas guide mathematics, not the other way around. Hebbian plasticity is a simple concept that guides mathematical models in both comp neuroscience and deep learning. “What fires together, wires together.” If you think the connection to experience is trivial to the point of being a tautology, then I hope you’ll forgive the one sentence I used to convey that point.

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