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Simple answer to your pointless question: because not that many ‘Europeans’ are interested in learning a whole new language so that they can seek opportunities out of their country or continent. I don’t think universities in Asia are stopping ‘Europeans’ from attending their schools – in fact, they want them to come and make the institution more ‘international’ and ‘diverse’, which I find problematic but that’s another topic.

So how is that ‘us all’ being racist?

I don’t think anyone is stopping the ‘Europeans’ from moving from their sheltered environment in the first place. It’s more of their choice to stay in their comfortable environment, because they don’t have to. If they are interested, they will move because they have the choice. Many Asians had not much of a choice but to seek for a better life in the US and Europe. How easy do you think it is for them to leave the community they are used to, where people speak the same language and eat the same food, and live by the same culture? Many forget that part about immigrants and refugees. I believe that if they can, they’d prefer to stay than make a move. Just like why many ‘Europeans’ are not moving to Asia.

In fact, I have many ‘European’ friends who move to Asia because they think they’ll have a better (whichever that means to each person) life there, and as long as I know there isn’t much aggression against them.