The target audience for this picture is all parents of teenagers. In the fast-paced society today, many parents might have neglected their children in the midst of working under high stress levels.

This photo will probably shock many of the audience and would raise an immediate concern about celebrity worship as self-harm is clearly evident.

The fan probably took the photo on a personal perspective to mark the special date when he/she garnered the courage to confess the eternal love for Justin Bieber by carving his name on her arm.

The website used the photo to notify and warn parents regarding the severity of celebrity worship as parents would feel hurt by simply imagining their children in this state. Although the photo may not seem to be gory to some, pathos is used to reflect explicitly the extreme level fans behave for their celebrities.

Our project also serves to address to teenagers(age 13 to 21) on how this syndrome will not just affect themselves, but it will too concern the people around them, how it may destroy families, affect their social ability and daily lives.

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