This Data science use case walks through step by step process of how build a house price prediction.

Some technology used for this model is 1) python 2) Numpy and pandas 3) Matplotlib 4) Sklearn

For This model Bengaluru House price datadataset is used from kaggle

Lets start with data, this dataset contain some basic information of houses like area type, location, size, price, etc…

Real Estate meet Data Science. How ML work for house price prediction part-1

Data science and data analytics can be used in many ways in Real estate market. Main purpose of using data science in real estate is to collect datasets from multiple sources and extract useful information from them, Human are not able to analyze such Big data unlike algorithm.

Data analytics providing analysis on Properties for buyers and renters. …

Statistically, we have seen a lot of students pursue their education away from their native countries. Generally as the students don’t have much of an idea about the procedures, requirements and details of the universities, they seek help from the education consultancy firms to help them successfully secure the admission in the universities which are best suitable for their profiles. For this, they have to invest huge amount of money as consultancy fees. The aim of this research is to develop a system using machine learning algorithm.

UNIVERSITY PREDICTION would be the easiest mode to predict the university/colleges person is…

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Data science | Data Analytics | Machine Learning | Deep learning

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