To rename your application in Xcode, modify the Project Name field of your target in the Identity and Type pane.

Follow below steps to rename your application in Xcode:

  1. In Xcode, select your target under “Targets” in the project editor, then Open “View > Utilities > Show File Inspector”.

2. Now, Xcode opens the “File inspector” which includes the Identity and Type pane.

Figure 1 : Identity and Type pane in Xcode

3. Now, Enter your application’s new name in the Project Name field of this pane as shown in [Figure 1].

4. Show in the [Figure 2], I am Changing the Project Name “MyApplication” to “MyApp” and then hit the return key on your keyboard.

5. Now, Xcode displays a project-rename dialog [Figure 2] that contains all the items that can be renamed in your project. Leave your application selected in the dialog and deselect all other items as shown in [Figure 2], then click Rename to perform the rename operation.

Figure 2 Project-rename dialog

We’re done Here!