I’m sick of your shit buzzfeed

The slav squat means: “Shit just got real!”

You might know BuzzFeed by their “great” news coverage, “mind blowing” articles, “groundbreaking” videos, their “let’s taste things” segments, and those fucking quizzes that tell you what kind of dragon you are (to be honest I’ve taken those). It’s basically a shit show of cheap content.

As you can tell by my very vague title. I cannot deal with BuzzFeed anymore. I’ve avoided BuzzFeed for about 2 years or so now. Especially their mind-numbing videos, but just a few minutes ago a friend of mine sent me a video called: “Man Sees His Girlfriend’s Period Blood For The First Time”. Now before you leave just hear me out while I explain why these videos are fucking poisonous. In particular, why the video I just mentioned above grinds my gears. I’m RantPed and go fuck yourself BuzzFeed.

First and foremost, for all the women out there. Having your period is fine, it’s natural there is no need to be embarrassed about it, you guys are fucking champs actually, not only you give us the miracle of birth, you have to suffer once a month for about 5 to 7 days, and its not 5 to 7 days of bed rest. It’s going on with life, going to class to work, whatever. I and many men out there applaud you for that. Because I’m going, to be honest with you, all men don’t really understand what you go through. We may know what it means scientifically, but the pain, the agony, and anything else that comes with it. We don’t get it and most likely never will. That’s why I want to bash this video and Buzzfeed’s take on actual real issues. Because if any of you right now go to that video you will realize that all they are trying to do is emphasize on the subject of shame.

Let’s start this shit.

In the beginning of the video, the girl states that she has had her period for about 11 years and that she has used “over 2600” products for it. How and why she kept count of the number of products beats me… do all women do that? Imagine if a guy goes to you and says: “I’ve been jerking off for about 13 years now, and I’ve used about 10,378.4 liters of lotion for it.” Not only will you be like “TMI man” but you will definitely wonder: “how and why do you know that?” basically what I’m saying is that from the get go they are already trying to start some kind of stupid empowerment shit by having the girl on camera give an outlandish detail that I’m sure most women don’t know or give a fuck about, just so people react with either (the normal) “Holy shit, that’s a lot” or (the feminazi approach) “ Yeah! 11 years, 2600 pads/tampons over 50000 kilometers of walking to shops (including flights from when they are on vacation) over 5000 awkward public bathroom interactions. Do you see how much we suffeeeeeeerrr?”. Not our fault, soz. I mean the amount of money you spend alone on these products are crazy, but still not our fault. Anyway, Buzzfeed goes on to put more fuel to the fire by asking, how many of those products her boyfriend has seen, which turns out to be six — insert cricket noises here — Okay. Here is the thing, this is blood, this is a bodily fluid, they are all gross, so good job (a girl who totally is not an actress or works there) nobody sees a used pad or tampon with blood on it and thinks “Oh what a pleasant surprise”.

The video goes as far as trying to portray the fact that she has to go to the toilet once she gets her period as a bad thing. HUH?! No, sorry, go right ahead bleed on the carpet while I go take a shit in the sink. Of course, she will go to the toilet, she is bleeding, it’s a private thing. What is the alternative here? Please let me know Buzzfeed. Because right now it just seems like you are trying to say that as soon as a woman gets her period she has to go hide in a cave like some kind of ghoul when she is actually just taking care of her own private business. You know why because it’s blood. If I shat myself once a month I don’t say: “Look at me everyone a gross bodily fluid just came out of me and I want you to know that I will not hide in this shame-room you like to call ‘the bathroom’ anymore!”. Arrgh!

Breathe Ped breathe….

Now I get it Buzzfeed. I get where you are coming from, you are trying to show that even nowadays women still feel like they have to hide or be embarrassed by the fact that they have their periods, which I’m sure that a lot of them still feel like talking about it is frowned upon. However, this is why your video doesn’t work in getting that message across. Not only you concentrate too much of your script on the words hide and embarrassment to keep pushing that idea, but once she shows the pad there is no fucking blood on it! That doesn’t even make sense! If you are going to choose that title hype it up with your shitty script and excuse portrayal of an actual issue, at least show me a fucking bucket of blood (calm down I’m obviously joking about the bucket). I know it’s not like that.

Get this through whoever’s head thinks of these videos BuzzShit. Images have quite a lot of impact on our society nowadays. You should know since a lot of the views on your channel are based on just riding the wave of over exaggerating important issues, which consequently imply to men and women (young or in their adulthood) that this tiny spec of blood is normal and embarrassing at the same time, but what you don’t realize is that maybe just maybe women who unfortunately have a heavier flow, may feel even more confused, ashamed or embarrassed of what their bodies naturally produce. You know what you should have done; you social justice warrior you. You should have shown that actress’ boyfriend a full pad, not the last day pad, an actual heavy flow pad, one that was completely filled with blood (which can happen by the way). Because then an actual conversation would have happened, and maybe the boyfriend would have understood more of what it actually means to go through something like that once a month. Oh, another thing! Regarding the last few minutes of your “extremely clever” video. If my girlfriend accidentally bleeds through the night while we are asleep and stains my bed sheets or the boxer shorts I lent her to sleep in, I’m not going to Sparta kick her out of the door. I’m not going to make a big deal off of it. I’ll simply tell her not to worry. I’m a man I want the woman that I’m with to feel safe around me. I’ll assure her that it’s okay. Give her a kiss, change the sheets and that’s it. BECAUSE IT’S NOT HER FAULT!

Therefore, stop making those cancerous videos just for the views and the money BuzzFeed. There are 12 million subscribers in your channel. You are a huge platform and influence to the people that surprisingly like you, whether you are talking about feminism, sexism, body shaming, etc.… if you have that kind of power use it to educate and inspire when you address real issues that real humans go through, not just shit in the mouths of people who actually waste their time on you. With that being said, I’m sick of your shit BuzzFeed. Fuckity bye!

There you have it. Another rant is done and over with. As always thank you for your time. Don’t forget to recommend or write a comment with any suggestions of series, movies, and apparently, YouTube videos for me to rant on (if you feel like it).



PS: Did you know that BuzzShit has at least 30+ videos on the subject of menstruation? Yeah. That’s right. The next one will probably be: “Man Swims On Period Blood For 5 To 7 Days So He Knows How It Feels To Be The Actual Cycle”

PPS: A big thank you to Mateusz from medium support, who answered me and helped me within minutes after I accidentally deleted this draft. If I ever manage to make money out of social media I will send you a fruit basket!

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eH_El5IEXP0