Moving from Windows (10)to Linux (Ubuntu 19.10), a Quick Tips

Jignesh Thummar
Nov 3, 2019 · 4 min read
Ubuntu 19.10

so i decided to making switch from windows to linux as my main daily driver desktop this year and in this post i am going to give some quick tips about what i did.

My goal is to use as much GUI tools available and Tweak UI so to make it as close as my windows machine with dark mode where ever possible,

I don’t want to be too much dependent on CLI utilities, just to explore how far we are in Linux Desktop ecosystem for non technical people.

Selecting right Linux Flavor for Desktop Environment.

  • I choose to go with Ubuntu if you want to try Don’t look for any other distro, so far i tried couple of them and i found Ubuntu so far best available option for Linux Desktop environment specially when we are looking for vibrant community, long time support, package availability and stability and overall maturity.
Default Ubuntu 19.10 Desktop
  • In 2020 though i prefer to try out ClearLinux as my daily driver once it gets matured. I am specially excited about it because its backed by Intel Corp with main goal is to improve Linux Desktop performance and its already surpassing bench marking currently, another reason is its debian based so all packages available for debain and ubuntu we can still take advantage in ClearLinux.
  • However installing ClearLinux gave me hard time when i tried to install it on my Windows Ubuntu Dual Boot system so i thought to try it later.
Default ClearLinux Desktop

Hardware Drivers

  • Use Nvidia Official Drivers (Don’t use Open Source Version)
Ubuntu 19.10 Nvidia Driver

Desktop UI / UX

  • Gnome (default shipped with Ubuntu)
  • Gnome Tweaks Tool (sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool)
Ubuntu 19.10 Gnome Tweaks with Dash to Panel, Arch Menu , Notification Center & Yaru Dark Theme
Ubuntu 19.10 with Gnome Tweaks Tool More Application Icon

Internet / Networking

  • Browser (Chrome & Firefox)
  • Torrent Client (sudo apt install transmission)
Ubuntu 19.10 with Transmission Torrent Client
  • Skype (dont use default ubuntu comes with snap use deb version which dont have link option issue in FF)
  • Slack
  • VPN Client there is inbuilt VPN client but that didnt work for me somehow so i installed Cisco AnyConnect with sh script , but to see UI after installing run (sudo apt-get install libpangox-1.0–0)
Ubuntu 19.10 with Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client


  • Text Editor — gEdit (Notepad, Notepad++ alternative)
gEdit Text Editor — Notepad / Notepad++ Alternative
  • Code Editor — Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio Code Editor
  • SFTP — Default file browser other location serve as SFTP client like Filezilla or WinScp use following syntax ssh://username@host:port/folder_path
Ubuntu 19.10 file manager with connect to server SFTP / SSH server
  • SSH — Default terminal act as SSH Client like Putty
Ubuntu 19.10 Terminal
  • Database Client (DBaever)
  • Docker (sudo snap install docker)


  • Virtual Machine — Inbuilt Boxes
Ubuntu 19.10 with Boxes Virtual Machine / Remote Desktop Client
  • Remote Desktop — Inbuilt Boxes supports it but didn’t work for me i had to install Remmina which works best (In security don’t forget to check RDP for windows RDP)
Ubuntu 19.10 with Remmina Remote Desktop Client
  • Task Manager — In Built System Monitor
Ubuntu 19.10 System Monitor
  • Screenshot — (pretty close to Jing)

Office Tool

  • Libra Office (6.4 Alpha comes with even better UI)
Libra Office Writer (MS Word / Google Docs Alternative)
Libra Office Calc (MS Excel / Google Spreadsheet Alternative)
Libra Office Impress (MS PowerPoint / Google Slides Alternative)
Libra Office Draw (MS Pain / Google Drawing Alternative)
  • Document Viewer (PDF) — In built
PDF Viewer (Adobe Reader / Foxit Reader Alternative)

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