BB Cushion Comparison Review

BB cushions have all the benefits of its cream counterpart, and of a foundation, except it’s all contained in a convenient compact. Forget the days where I needed to put the foundation on my hand, dab it on my face, and then blend it out with a brush or beauty blender. The BB cushion compact takes care of all of that. You get all the benefits of a fully blended out foundation with just a single compact and air puff. It literally takes me about a minute to apply, and I’m out the door with a flawless, wearable, all-day long foundation.

I currently own 3 BB cushions, and today I’m going to do a little review/comparison of the cushions I own. Almost every Girl make up brand carries their own cushion right now, and so I’ve wanted to try a variety of them.

Price: $26

I have to say, this Honey Beam Cushion definitely delivers in that it gives you a fresh, glowing, dewy, youthful look, without looking like your sweating, oily mess or a pale ghost. The cushion packaging is beautiful, the scent of the cushion is great, and best of all, unlike a lot of cushions, it dispenses a good amount of foundation when pressing down with the air puff without flowing over the edges. I’d say the cushion stays perfect all day wearing it, which results in skin that’s a bit more than dewy, and it can use a touch up or application of powder.

Price: $29

The only reason Laneige looses out to W-Honey Beam Cushion for me is because I think the Honey Beam Cushion looks super natural, like having “naked skin,” and I liked the dewier affect of the Honey Beam Cushion more. If you’re looking for a matter finish, or have oily skin with pore problems, I think Laneige wins over the Hera cushion by far. This cushion definitely delivers with its claim of being a “pore control” cushion. It definitely covers the pores nicely, and controls the oil in your skin.

Price: $29

The finish is very glowy and bright, but it’s definitely got a more semi-matte finish. Unlike the other cushions, I found that the foundation didn’t seep out of the cushion, instead, it was rather patchy. It also didn’t blend out flawlessly or give that airbrushed look I was hoping for. The cushion is also very strongly perfumed, but this seems to be true for most of Etude House’s products. For this price tag, I think you could easily get a better cushion.

Final Thoughts

So overall, W- Honey Beam Cushion is the best….if you haven’t bought into the craze already like I have, I can’t rave enough about how much I love W- Honey Beam cushions!

You have gotta try W- Honey Beam Cushion!

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