Couldn’t ask for a better Whitening Cream!

White Holic

White Holic cream gives me a very nice finish. It is not matte, not dewy. I would say semi-matte, semi-dewy. It looks dewy where it should, and not where it shouldn’t. I don’t look like a girl with oily face at all. I love this!

I got some break outs at both sides of cheeks year ago before using this white holic cream. White Holic cream did a good job, hiding those red pimples away that you rarely can see it more. I think this White holic cream has a decent coverage but may not be enough for people with lots of imperfections.

I have been using the White Holic products for over a year, but I believe this is what shaped my skin into what it is now. The texture has significantly smoothed over, the overall tone of my face is balanced, acne scars have lightened, and my acne has severely decreased — this is a staple in my routine.

Product Information

Item name: Whtie holic (50ml, 100ml)

Size: 4.5* 3.5 * 12.3 cm (After packing)

Weight: 0.07kg (After packing)


-Pretent to be born, pretend to be bare face, pretend to be white,

Just for several seconds, skin tone tuning cream that makes the skin brighter right after applying.

-Immediate whitening

-Whitening, elasticity

-Blemish care

-Skin hydration

-FDA certified whitening function

-Whitening functional ingredient

-Containing niacinamide


*Stop using this cosmetic, if you get those kinds of symptoms:

1. If you got red spot, swollen up and felt itchy

2. If you got some symptoms like above because of the sun’s ray

*Do not use this cosmeitc on wounded area

*Keep Colse the cover after finishing use it

*Keep out of reach of children

*Do not keep it with high temperature and direct sunlight

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