Before iPhone’s, iPad’s, MacBooks didn’t exist. It was just the old fashioned way computers like the Roman Abacus. Honestly today 2017 not a lot of people don’t know how to operate one instead we operate mobile phones, computers, and many more.

Skateboards in the 80’s and 90’s were only manual. You need to push to let the board move but now.

There is a thing called a Boosted Board

Sanjay Dastoor CEO of Boosted (The company) wanted to make skateboard that can help people through transportation.

Former YouTuber Casey Neistat supports this campaign and inspired other people to do the same, Global Warming is increasing that’s why using a skateboard that’s faster and easy access can help save the world inch by inch.

Let’s give an example like Stephen Hawking’s Wheelchair that has advanced technology modified to it. After 1997 the Intel provided a computer based communication system in which the main interface to the computer is through a program called EZ Keys which is written by Words Plus Inc, It shows the software keyboard on the screen. The cursor automatically scans across this keyboard by rows and columns. With the advanced technology, He can select a particular character by moving his cheek to stop the cursor. His cheek movement is detected.

Even a wheelchair can help disabled person communicate to society.

Technology can always help people change their lives.

If we do the same this world will become better.

For me it’s been the key to my happiness, it brings connection to me and my family, it makes the world better in the most high tech ways.