Benefits of having Safe Classroom Furniture for your Child

As a parent you always keep one eye open to watch out for your child. Every sharp corner of the furniture he’s around, every pointy object, toys with small parts that can come loose — you consider these as hazards and never want your child to be harmed by these elements. Now the real question is — shouldn’t these safety rules be applied even when your child is at his/her preschool?

While at preschool, your child is exposed to everything within the classroom and premises. When interacting and engaging with other children it is very possible that your child might get over-excited and happy play could easily turn into an accident situation that you wouldn’t want at any cost.

Thus, when selecting a preschool, do remember to ask whether their classroom furniture is safe and child-friendly. Because really, the furniture is something your child will constantly be in contact with. As essential as it is for the furniture to be sturdy, well-fitted, and exciting-looking, it is just as important for it to be safe for little children to be around. Additionally, you should also keep a watch to enquire whether the toys given to the children are child-friendly and non-toxic. Below is a five point checklist to have in place when assessing whether the furniture setup in the preschool is safe and good for your child:

- Rounded edges on tables, chairs, and any other pieces of furniture

- The furniture is made from sturdy material that will not give way easily.

- Materials used for constructing and paint used for finishing off the furniture’s look is non-toxic.

- Allows your child to sit comfortably bringing on good posture and eliminates a lazy feel or uncomfortable seating arrangement.

- Has an attractive look, so that the child identifies with it as their own seating place and contributes towards an enthusiastic learning environment.

There are several leading preschools that include safe classroom furniture as one of the pre-requisites to have in the classroom, making them perfect hands to place your child in. Having safe classroom furniture is a great way to gauge whether the preschool you have selected shares the same thought as you in keeping your child’s safety in mind every step of the way.