Notes from A Workshop for Parents on 7th October 2017

We held a workshop last Saturday for parents on ‘How school education needs to adapt, change and evolve to enable children to thrive in an uncertain world’. We had some very interesting discussions and parents also had the chance to voice some of their biggest concerns in light of a world which is changing fast.

As an institution, we spend considerable brain power trying to think of what we need to be doing with students today so that they are best equipped to thrive as young adults and beyond. …

Team Jigyasa had been painstakingly planning for our Summer Camp. As ideas kept popping up, we discussed, chose and discarded a number of themes. Eventually, we had six themes for the six weeks of the summer camp!

It was all secret! Only on day 1 of each week did we announce the theme for that week……and guess which theme got the happiest response from the children? — Folk Toys and Games! We were going to make our own toys and play with them. And we were going to learn many new games!

As Early Years facilitators we understand the significance…

It’s that time of year when the schools are closed, and some of you are preparing to go on holiday, while some of you are probably just going to take it easy and hope the gloomy weather in Bengaluru starts to lift.

Well, we thought it might be a good idea to introduce your children to some vital life skills this Dussehra. Here is a list of 16 things to do with your children and in the process spend some quality time with them.

  1. Teach them about money — this could range from showing them what the different notes and…

The latter half of the day is when a lot of children feel like they get bored easily. Parents too find it difficult to take out time and do something constructive with their children.

We have a number of activities planned during the week for children between 3 and 6 years of age. All activities are from 4–5 pm, from Tuesday through to Friday.

Here is a pictorial guide to what we get up to in the evenings!

Disclaimer: Everything you see below is very much a part of the normal school day as well, but our amazing teachers vary…

What magic shall I create today?

Writing is generally understood as the ability to form letters and then words and sentences. This is only the physical aspect of writing. This becomes possible when children have had plenty of opportunity for gross motor and fine motor movements. Their fingers need to be supple and capable of holding the writing instrument correctly and simultaneously make well defined movements.

Rushing children into writing before this readiness has developed, actually slows down the development of writing and makes it a painful task which they shy away from and do under duress.

A learning programme which systematically takes children through a…

Lighthouse! Lighthouse!

Learning is not something that can be confined to a schoolroom.

In fact, the best learning happens when children are able to relate what is done in the classroom to real life situations which they experience every day.

Real learning is evident when they are able to make connections between what they see and experience outside of school to what they do in school.

Dani, a two year old went to a coastal area for a family outing and saw a lighthouse. He is just beginning to talk. He comes back to school after the holiday and picks up one…

Busy at ‘play’

Below is a scene from a kindergarten classroom:

A teacher, and 2 children.

Teacher: Come children see what I have here ………. a ……..

Children ( together ): That’s a star !!

Teacher: I am going to teach you how to make a star.

The teacher draws the star for each child on the paper, “let me show you how to do it”. The child keeps saying “I want to do it myself” but the teacher insists on ‘helping’. She proceeds to cut the star for the first child, till she notices that the other child too is not doing…

Excavating dinosaurs from ice

I am an early years educator, but in truth I consider myself a learner. Children’s capacity to learn is limitless and therefore my learning of how they learn also never ends.

Children are spontaneous explorers and this exploration gives beautiful learning outcomes.

Exploration and Discovery

One bright morning, our theme was apples. The children had painted cut outs of apple trees we had given small pieces of red crepe paper to crush and make apples for their trees. Since the painted trees were drying on the design room tables, they did the paper crushing in the exploration area.

They were…

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