Her Whispers…

What I wear says what I adore for life,

The mistakes I do at the time may reflect how good I am as a wife.

My beauty is as I shy,

He is always perfect for he is a guy.

The dirty hands reach where they should not be,

Then also the blunder is done by me.

My mother always scare of my alone late nights at roads,

My father stays near the phone till I reach my stops.

I do not wear those skirts and shorts,

As if no do I cover may create distorts.

At public places I always do care of the bra staps to fall,

If they do the words against me crowd starts to call.

They who make me the slut and the whore what there eye spies,

They yet use the white sheets to see how good I am as wife.

I can’t have male friends for they estimate as a character I adore,

Please don’t look at me now no more.


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