How Inneract Project is Building a Pathway to Design

Inneract Project (IP) primarily serves middle and high school youth who identify as Black and/or LatinX, and/or come from low income backgrounds. Rather than offering isolated engagements, IP creates a long-term investment strategy with free design initiatives to introduce youth to creative career paths. In doing so, we work towards a vision of bringing design to local communities and increasing representation in technology.

Students and their mentors from this year’s design-a-thon.

For the second year in a row, Inneract Project participated in San Francisco’s Design Week by facilitating a design-a-thon. Partnering with Google, eBay, and Adobe, we invited students from our past programs to work with industry professionals…

My friend, Paolo, wrote a comprehensive article about designing for growth if you’d like to learn more.

It’s not uncommon for designers to be tasked with creating product experiences that directly impact a company’s ability to monetize. In fact, many such designers do so on specialized growth teams, which enable businesses to focus and accelerate their efforts towards their metric-based goals.

I joined a growth team soon after I graduated college in 2016. And having newly entered the industry at the time, I was privileged to have had the opportunity to explore various disciplines of design and to quickly see…

It’s your turn to bring the entertainment for game night. The stakes are high this time around. You know you can’t just bring another party game. I mean, how long did you actually expect us to play ‘Apples to Apples’, Barb? You know the crowd craves investment and adventure; they need an RPG campaign.

Dive deep into new imagined realms, and use these RPG templates to capture the details. Born into the world as an Evernote Hack Week project, these templates are intended to help create a playing experience that is immersive and facilitates fewer lapses in memory between sessions. Remove and add sections to the templates as needed, and create systems that work best for your campaigns.

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Four lessons I learned in my first year out of college as a designer

My beginnings with design really began by way of what I perceived to be survival. I was a haphazard computer science major who still needed to declare and was embarrassed by my inability to excel in a burgeoning field. To that extent, I was neither very talented nor was I particularly passionate about software engineering; but being in an environment of high-achieving students perpetuated a growing sense of desperation and need to project an image of successful, marketable competence. As a result, I found myself enrolled in CS 160: User Interface Design and Development.

In this course, I explored the…

Ji-hern Baek

Product Designer @BlendLabsInc, Education Lead @Inneract Project.

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