Is the government any more qualified to police itself than corporations?
Emmanuel Mark

Government exists to balance the interests of the various people, organizations, etc. it represents. To refer back to the football analogy, the if the teams represent the corporations, interest groups, and different segments of the public, the government is the NFL commissioner/referees, etc. that sets rules and enforces them, to make sure competition is fair and teams aren’t cheating/doing things the league/fans/etc. don’t want them to do.

Now just because this is government’s job does not mean it always does it well. Hell, I think a lot of folks would agree that the NFL commissioner has been doing a pretty shitty job. BUT, you don’t solve the problem by putting the Patriots in charge of the league do you?

Plus, one of the main reasons government isn’t working is people aren’t demanding more of their government and they aren’t demanding more because — as I tried to explain in the piece — most people know shit about how government works and consistently let themselves be conned by simple-sounding sound bites that have little to do with reality. Gov doesn’t need to do better if the people don’t understand what it does and, instead, spend all their time getting upset about faux scandals and meaningless talking points. If you don’t like government’s track record, learn more and demand better. Or as I like to say, if you want the government to stop selling you bull shit, stop buying it. “Spin proof” yourself.

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