One thing that might have helped here is if you clarified that no, we shouldn’t hate Trump either.
David Piepgrass

So…I’ve had a lot of folks respond to this piece by asking me if I think it’s okay to hate Trump or suggesting that by choosing only to defend Hillary, I’m somehow suggesting it’s okay to hate him. And while I agree, saying it’s not OK to hate Trump probably would have helped this piece, I have to admit I purposely left him out, because I’m just not sure it’s that simple. I mean, I want to say NO, It’s not okay to hate him, but in all honesty, that’s something I’m really struggling with.

I mean, yes, I’m very troubled with the amount of hate permeating our political debate. I don’t think it does anyone any good. But I think one of the biggest differences between Hillary and Trump is that while she’s the subject of a lot of hate, he’s a purveyor if it. And while I can’t say that I hate Donald Trump personally, I truly hate what he’s doing to our political debate. I hate that he’s allowed racism and bigotry to permeate our national conversation. I hate the misogyny he perpetuates and the fact that he’s actively undermining faith in our democratic process and that he’s basically making it ok for people to say whatever they want to discredit their political opponents no matter how untrue. Hell, as a student of political rhetoric, I hate that he’s entered the word “pussy” into our political lexicon.

As I wrote, hate is a word that implies enmity and while I don’t think anyone armed with actual facts (versus overwrought partisan spin) can credibly argue that Hillary is somehow their enemy, or that she poses an actual threat to anything they care about (unless — I guess — they are a member of a hate group and value the ability to discriminate against minority groups or they truly value the ability to sexually harass women, etc.) I can make the case that Donald Trump poses a threat to things many of us as Americans hold dear.

Does that mean I hate him? I don’t know. I’m troubled by the idea that I might and want to say this is a case where I love the sinner, but hate the sin. But I truly hate what he’s doing to our country and the principles that Americans have fought and died to enact and defend.

Anyway, I’m not saying you are wrong or I’m right to feel the way I feel. I’ll fully admit I’m an imperfect person. I just think it’s a far more complicated issue than I could have done justice to in the above piece.

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