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A 3-year dream finally fulfilled for young entrepreneurs

The core idea for ‘Festeves’ originated in 2018, when we wanted to launch an eCommerce website that catered to festival shopping. But the megafloods of that year dampened our plans then the pandemic distanced us from our dreams.

But in 2020, a workshop for UCK students was organized and a group namely UC Monks was formed. This group found a special synergy among themselves and we decided to start our own venture with the name UC Monks — 32 students and 6 alumni from a single college, University College of Engineering, Karyavattom.

Our first product was ‘Sarathi’ launched by the present Pathanamthitta District Collector and former MGNREGS Mission Director, Dr Divya S. Iyer. Sarathi is a driving license test guide that helps candidates appearing for RTO exams anywhere in India.

‘Festeves’ is an eCommerce application that is fully dedicated to festival shopping. In these days of restricted opportunities and chances to go shopping, we want to make sure the traditions and customs of festivals don’t get forgotten, remain intact, and are celebrated in full glory.

We are an eCommerce platform but we have integrated many features while building this application that encourages our users to make the most of our services without disconnecting from their social or family lives. In today’s world, the significance of festivals or the true way they are to be celebrated is losing importance. The newer generations don’t really grasp the real meaning of why a festival is a festival. Being confined at home isn’t helping matters either. With ‘Festeves’, we aim to give parents a chance to celebrate all the customs of a festival without the hassles of the procurement process. We will source and provide them the many ways a festival can be made an occasion of joy. Which becomes a chance for younger folk to get accustomed and gain knowledge about many olden ways and traditions.

Most applications of today have ‘infinite scroll’, where users can get caught up in scrolling and scrolling, thus setting aside time useful elsewhere. With ‘Festeves’ we have made sure that there is no ‘infinite scroll’ but only limited side-scrolling so our users don’t get sucked in but rather use the application for their benefit and know when to stop.

We also have a moving, draggable cart that is reminiscent of the trolley carts in malls and supermarkets so that shopping in our application can be a fun family experience that the kids will love too.

Festeves supports products from the handloom and cottage industries to give them a platform to showcase their goods which they have painstakingly created. We encourage sales of their wonderful creations which are authentic and we know helped support less privileged households. Making it a celebration for them and the buyers.

UC Monks has also the specialty that we encourage students especially women to take the lead and spearhead from the helm. We encourage their entrepreneurial spirit and harness their talents to achieve success.

We are starting operations first in Thiruvananthapuram and will be having a home delivery service during the upcoming Onam festival. We look forward to celebrating every festival with ‘Festeves’.