Lesson 7— Feb 22 MidTerm Presentation

Product Chosen

Team Lunch : Streamlining the process of ordering lunch for the team

Platform : Mobile

Competetive Analysis : Foodee and Chewse

Interesting find is that none of these have mobile apps

Interview done with five professionals who have organized lunches for the team.

Team Lunch Organizer Questionnaire

Tell us about your company(Name,Size,Location,Website)

What do you know about team lunches?

How often does your company organize team lunches?

Who organizes the team lunches?

What input/information do you like to receive from your team mates for the team lunches?

How long does the process take from start to finish to organize your group lunches?

What process do you use to handle special requests?

How do you handle payment?

What are the “must have“ for organizing an awesome team lunch?

What hurdles have you encountered when organizing a team lunch?

Key Finding of the research

  • It’s an extremely tedious, stressful and annoying process to organize large events.
  • There are many apps that exist to organize small group lunches but no one uses them.
  • Most respondents check information of nearby restaurants that does take-outs and try to order from the website or via phone.
  • Companies that deliver food don’t usually have mobile apps, just non-interactive websites.
  • The selection of food is usually limited.
  • Organizers sometimes cannot meet the requirements of the team members. There are numerous types of food preferences and it’s very difficult to please everyone.
  • It typically takes multiple days to weeks to organize larger scale events.

Archetypes : Regular Organizer (Primary)and Customer with strict dietary needs(Secondary)

Prototype Screen Flow

Lessons from Usability Testing

You’ll learn a ton of things watching how people interact with your product. Chances are it’s nowhere near how you intended it to flow. Maybe they love a feature/concept, that almost didn’t make it. Maybe they are stuck and maybe they can’t figure out the navigation.

Nothing is more important than clear navigation

Findings from the Usability Tests

  • Search by Cusine and Refine can be combined into one.
  • Regular Registration or Sign with Facebook/Gmail was confusing to most users

There is no such thing as a finished product. Contexts and circumstances evovle. Things and people change. Your product is a living and breathing app that exists because it solves an issue. If issues or needs change, your product needs to change too. Change is constant.

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