An Interview With Jilea Hemmings

You are the expert of your own product! Stop relying on influencers to sell what you know best, start creating your own content and become so good at it that people WANT to show off what you created.

You need a diverse executive team to ensure your company is not run by people with overlapping blind spots, which is dangerous. There’s going to be activity occurring in that blind spot that requires accountability, and no one in leadership will be up for the task of addressing it since they can’t even properly behold it.

An Interview With Jilea Hemmings

Create Gender-neutral beauty products

Cater for People of color

Create Teens, tweens, and children products . It’s an untapped market.

Beauty should combine the lab and farm. Holistic approach: from food to beauty products, to plant-based ingredients.

“Clean beauty” is not just about what’s in consumers’ products, but also how products are produced and packaged. Developing plastic recycling technologies, and also use paper-based cosmetic packaging

It can foster a more creative work environment. A diverse team brings to the table their social location and understanding of how to work effectively with their community.

It eliminates the “good ole boy” mentality. A diverse team will remove the misnomer that talented ideas are only derived for a certain demographic.

It represents the world that we live in. A diverse team is needed because our world looks different and now more than ever it needs to be celebrated.

An Interview With Jilea Hemmings

The traditional paths to achievement or “success” can still be learned from, however there are so many ways to create and build something that is successful and impactful. You have to choose and decide that for yourself. With the growth of new and even fast-beauty brands, so many people are looking to the latest “success” model as a trend. Though we are in an industry of where “trends” matter, in this case, other businesses’ road or path to growth may not be reflective of what your path is meant to be. …

An Interview With Jilea Hemmings

Always push your boundaries. With an industry that’s consistently changing, there’s no room to plateau. Keep learning, innovating, and skyrocketing past what you think is your limit. If you’re uncomfortable thinking about something because you think you’re not capable, then that’s the very sign that you should do it! Massive action will always lead to massive results.

We live in a time where social media is everything. Use it to your advantage. It’s free to post updates, before/after, deals, engage with people who are interested. …

An Interview With Jilea Hemmings

Be prepared to build a team around you, and delegate. You can’t do it all yourself, and the team around you is very important. Find people that are skilled where you aren’t, and trust them to deliver — not only will it cause you less stress, it will make them happier. And consider them as working with you, not for you.

Be prepared to invest and reinvest — a successful business is not all about profit, especially during the growth phase. …

What I lean on here is the curriculum we’re creating for our students and prospective students, which builds on ideas of access and exposure. If we want to help younger BIPOC succeed, just like low-income people, women or anyone from marginalized communities, we need to create opportunities for them to see professionals in different disciplines working together to solve problems. We need to offer exposure to professionals at all levels.

Diverse leadership is an imperative substantively, because of the perspectives it adds to an organization. And it’s an imperative culturally because it signals that there is a path. …

An Interview With Jilea Hemmings

Know your brand and the story you are telling

Be present in the moment

Define your box, then think outside of it

Create efficient systems that are scalable

Utilize your ecosystem and be resourceful and solution-based

An Interview With Jilea Hemmings

I believe, to succeed, you need to be a Swiss Army Knife of beauty, equipped with knowledge and awareness about every aspect of the business from product concept to customer service. In today’s world, every part of the business is exposed to the public in some ways. Customers demand more transparency. They want to where and how their favorite products are made. They want to be ensured the work force is diverse and that everyone is treated fair and equally.

Jilea Hemmings

Founder Nourish + Bloom Market | Stretchy Hair Care I Author I Speaker I Eshe Consulting I Advocate For Diversity In Beauty

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