I’m Not Living The Dream
Charlie Guo

Exactly, that is why slow travelling is the key. The term ‘Digitial Nomad’ is a term coined to mean that a person can work remotely from anywhere in the world but it doesn’t say that you need to keep travelling like a maniac without getting to know the place you just checked in right ? I mean to say you have wrote “ For most of 2015 the longest I slept in the same bed was 3 weeks” which is exhausting, it shouldn't be like that, there shouldn't be any pressure to leave the place, that’s the beauty of being location independent and being a digital nomad. Otherwise what’s the fun of being a traveler after all ? It’s not crossing the list of countries and jumping from one place to another just for the sake of boosting your ego and feeling of ‘ I have conquered’ ? Travel is much more than that I believe.

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